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Hunt Kansas at its best 
According to the KDWP  website we are ranked as an EXCELLENT area for deer hunting, here in East Central, Kansas. 
They allot permits per unit according to deer population, and our Unit 11 had the most permits of any in the state of Kansas allotted to it. Take the states knowledge and go where there is the most deer and you have the best chance getting your TROPHY SIZE DEER.
  The Field and Stream magazine published in Februarry 2011, that Kansas is the No. 1 state in America, to pursue a Boone and Crockett Buck, and the No.1 state that is adding Boone and Crocket whitetail entries.
This deer in the picture below made  Boone and Crockett. 
This guy was the grandaddy of the Kansas trophy bucks in this area
*This is private property I own the land.
Thus I know the land, and their habits, from being around them, while feeding cattle for over 40yrs. 
                                                           *This is not a high-fenced hunt, but a hunt with the deer in their own environment.
 *They have all that they need to become Monster Bucks.  We see to it that you have all you need to get your trophy deer.
*These are self-guided hunts, of course we will show you the best deer spots, and help you out as you need it.  Tree stands, and blinds, placed at strategically right places.
                                                               *When  you are done hunting, you will be able to come back to our home for some homecooked meals, and lodging, only a few miles from your hunting spot.
*We want you to have an enjoyable hunt as well as see some monsterbucks and take home with you a Kansas Trophy deer
*We don't overcrowd our hunters so you can get the most out of your huntKansas deer hunting is one of the finest  in the country, whether you enjoy muzzeloader, archery, or rifle. We know you'll enjoy it so much you'll want to come back year after year.   

*Take a look at next page for pictures of bucks taken in years past. 
This road leads right into prime deer country. Whether you want to get your Kansas trophy deer, by rifle, archery, or muzzeloader, this is the place to be!!!!                                                                      
         This land is ideal habitat for the deer.         No need to plant food plots, with all the abundant crops available. Cropland consists of beans, corn, alfalfa, wheat, milo. There is CRP grass 6ft tall, natural creeks running through it,  and a little timber with persimmon trees (deer love persimmons). Fairly flatland, with a few rolling hills. Just enough timber that the deer feel protected but not too much that you can't get a shot.


                                                                             You need to come try us out for the next season.  If you havn't already put your  name in the draw, you need to get that done by April 26th, 2013.
The permits are $346.96, and the season is Dec 4-15.

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Give me a call, we'll see what you're looking for and what we can work out for you.  I would like the chance to talk with you and share some hunting stories-
                or email:                  indiancreekhunts@aol.com
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